Dreams and Realities of Climbing Mount Everest

Because it’s there. ― George Mallory

 Dreams and Realities…

 If your going to climb a mountain you’d want to climb the highest one, right? Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by Mount Everest. I’m not totally sure what caused this fascination but it’s always been in my mind that I’ve wanted to scale the worlds highest peak. There is just something mysterious and alluring about climbing Mount Everest that I’ve never been able to fully get out of my head.

 As I got older (maybe wiser?) I came to the realisation that my dreams to summit Everest was just that, a dream. Unless I come into some serious money or get some amazing sponsorship (anyone got a spare £30,000 lying around?) I was never going to fulfil my childhood dream.

mount everest

Planning and Research… 

 Fast forward a few years, I’m now sat here planning the next best thing. If I can’t climb Mount Everest I will at least get to base camp. That’s the next best thing right? When we originally planned our round the world trip Nepal wasn’t even in our minds let alone plans, we was always going to start our trip in Thailand. Then it dawned on me, we will be practically flying over Nepal on the way, why not add it to the start of our trip?

 At first Claire wasn’t interested, and it took me a good month of persuasion to head to Nepal and begin our trip there, I think the promise of going to Chitwan National Park and seeing the elephants and rhinos was the clincher. Little did she know I was already reading up and researching all things Everest Base Camp, and it took me a further month to convince her to trek to base camp. Persistence really does pay off :).

mount everest

  Looking at the options of trekking to Everest Base Camp, the most popular seemed to be flying into Lukla. Apparently the worlds most dangerous airport, Lukla is situated 2,845m above sea level with the runway only 527m long on the side of a mountain with a 11.7% gradient to help slow the planes down when landing. Check out the picture below to give you an idea on what I mean!

 But there is another way you can trek to base camp. A cheaper, but more strenuous option is to take a 6-8 hour bus journey from Kathmandu to Jiri and begin your trek from there. This adds around an extra 6-8 days on to the usual 14 day trek if flying into Lukla, but it will save on the price of the $178 flight (each way). Now me being an adventurous type who likes to challenge myself jumped at the chance of this option. Not only will it save on our budget but it will allow us to see a part of Nepal many others miss by flying straight to Lukla. It would also give us a better sense of achievement knowing we had trekked in on the same trail Edmund Hillary took all those years ago on his summit attempt of Mount Everest.

mount everest

The Countdown Begins…

So the wheels are set in motion, next year (2016) we will be starting our epic round the world trip in Nepal. But not only that we will be starting it with a 21 day trek to Everest Base Camp and ticking off our number 1 item on our bucket list too. We both can not wait to start this adventure and are counting down the days till we pack our bags and head off.

Have you ever turned a travel dream into reality? Or have you ever been to Everest Base Camp? We would love to here your experiences of either.


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Mount Everest

  • Wow, that’s the way to start things off with a bang! I hope it’s everything you dream… I will be staying tuned, since I would love to go, but, like you, realize I will never summit Everest.

    • We can’t wait to start and get going. Hope you enjoy following our adventure.

  • miieloise

    Exciting! What a way to start a RTW trip!!!! I’ve been lucky to turn many travel dreams as a reality. I climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro 1.5 years ago. The feeling up there is almost impossible to describe. Good luck with Everest! 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 Kilimanjaro sounds amazing and is definitely on our list of things to do.

  • Nancy Pitman

    What an amazing adventure! How many people dream of climbing Everest but never do. At least you get to hit base camp and say you’ve been there. Can’t wait to see your photo’s!

  • Have an amazing time. We planned to do the Jiri walk in on our Nepal trip but in the end paid for a flight as we’d already done a 10 day trek in Annapurna and wanted to save our legs! I think it’s an awesome idea to properly recreate the traditional walk in. Not wanting to be annoying but can I recommend the Gokyo Lakes trek over the Everest Base Camp trek? Much quieter and you still get to see the big mountain at the end.

    • No problem at all, we love hearing other recommendations! We’ve been considering the Gokyo lakes for a while now and i think we will end up doing both and just extend our trip for a few extra days. The Annapurna range looks amazing, bet you had a great time doing both!