Flashpacking Duo is becoming part of Trading Places

We have exciting news for everyone who has followed the Flashpacking Duo around the world — our blog is now becoming part of the Trading Places website!

Dom and Claire have had a grand adventure traveling around the world, and now our travel blogging days about our adventures are coming to a close here at Flashpacking Duo, as we move on to other ventures. We very much appreciate the readers who have followed us on our journeys, and you will still be able to find all of our posts at the new site we are merging into: TradingPlacesGlobal.com.

Trading Places is the travel and lifestyle website of Shelley Seale, a fellow nomad and writer/author who also enjoys the flashpacking lifestyle. In the coming weeks, you will see a new look as FlashpackingDuo.com redirects to Trading Places. We will have our own content channel category there, and you will still be able to access all of our posts and adventures.

Stay tuned for the new look and site!