Our Travel Plans for 2016 & Beyond

Our Future Travel Plans!

So far due to work commitments we have been limited on our travel, and even though we have visited a few countries it has held us back from what we really want to do. So you may be thinking what do we want to do?? Well as of next year (2016) we will be quitting our jobs and embarking on a trip of a lifetime. Visiting over 15 different countries and 3 continents. We are planning a full year exploring Australia, 6 months exploring several countries throughout South East Asia, and we will wrap things up with 6 months exploring South America!.

Watch the video to see our planned route!

We are also fitting in a 2 week trip to Thailand this November where we will be travelling around the south of the country visiting Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Railay and Krabi. In the mean time we have given up our apartment and moved in with Claire’s parents to give us the chance to save as much as possible. Our plan is to fly out from Heathrow London to Kathmandu, Nepal. Spend 2-3 weeks of adventure and trekking around the Himalayas. We then plan to fly out to Thailand and spend 6 months exploring South East Asia. From there our plans are still pretty much up in the air, our ideal scenario is to spend a year in both Australia and New Zealand. We will be applying for working visa’s for both countries, so we can spend some of the time working to earn enough money to carry on our travels. Now we know that’s not the easiest task to do in Australia as the cost of living is expensive, even compared to the UK. Luckily for us we have relatives in Australia so we may be able to cut the accommodation costs down for some of the time. We know its going to be hard but considering the rest of our planned travels hinge on earning enough in these two countries we will try our god damn hardest to make it.

travel plans

Machu Picchu, Our finishing point for our trip.

If everything goes to plan (fingers crossed) we then aim to fly over to South America and spend 6 months exploring Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru concluding with us trekking the Inca trail and visiting Machu Picchu. You can read our Bucket List here, it list’s many of the things we want to achieve on this trip.

Now you may be thinking to yourselves we have bitten off more than we can chew (we don’t blame you!)  When we leave we will have in the region of £20,000 to get us to Australia including the £3000 each you need to show you can financially support yourself. After leaving New Zealand we are aiming to have in the region of £15,000 from working in both countries to last us the six months in South America. Well that is the plan for 2016 and beyond and we personally can’t wait to get started. Just the small matter of saving!

We hope you follow us along the way, any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated. We would also like to know what travel plans you have for the up and coming months?