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A Little About Us

We are Dom and Claire, an English couple and co-creators of Flashpacking Duo – Adventure Travel Blog. We launched Flashpacking Duo in September 2015 to document our past and present travels (including a three year round the world trip) and to inspire others to travel the world.

Our long term aim is to visit every country in the world, particularly focusing on countries with little or no tourism. We both have a strong passion for adventure travel and wildlife, and will be taking the opportunity to involve both of these interests of ours during our upcoming three-year trip. Including trekking independently in the Himalayas and volunteering at a whale conservation project.

Let’s Work Together

We are always happy to speak with brands regarding forming partnerships and working together. Whether it’s long term or a one off we are always willing to discuss and accommodate any brands that fit our niche and vision for Flashpacking Duo – Adventure Travel Blog.

We have an engaged audience and an ever growing social media following (increasing at around 20%) each month.

Interested in finding out more? Check out our media kit!

Flashpacking Duo - Adventure Travel Blog

Flashpacking Duo - Adventure Travel Blog

Our media kit (PDF version) can be downloaded here: Flashpacking Duo Media Kit. You can contact us via our Contact Form or via our email [email protected]